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          Shraddha Rege

My passion has always been food science and nutrition. For my family I had to take a long sabbatical from my career when it was at its peak. My elder son Parth has turned 11 years and my lovable daughter Mahima is 3 years. My husband Apurva persuaded me, that it is the right time that I started thinking about re-starting my career where I had left it.

Over the past few years the internet has grown exponentially and the communication has become very fast and the reach has become easy, I decided to re-start my passion by going the internet way.

I have started my first site www.nutritionpotli.com

Why the name Nutrition Potli?

Potli in Hindi means a bag. I want to use my knowledge and my past experience to create a Potli (bag) full of knowledge on health, well-being and nutrition.

Potli is used to keep things that are handy. So the main objective behind this site is to give tips & advice that are handy.

Today there is lot of information on the internet that creates a lot of knowledge clutter, confusion, misconception, myths on food and nutrition. Also I have seen that people consume information without understanding the merits & de-merits.

The USP behind www.nutritionpotli.com is to create knowledge & awareness for a well-balanced healthy lifestyle. In this stressful and fast pace life what food should one consume, what exercise regime should one follow so that we can keep diseases at bay. Give information and knowledge on clinical nutrition (food based on treatments & diseases)

About me

I come from a doctors family, where as a child I used to see my father treat people for various ailments and see people getting healed and getting back their charm. My father always says that disease never attack humans, but humans embrace them and this is all because of the food we eat & lifestyle that we are following in our daily routines.

As a child I had decided that I will make my career in a para-medical field where I can help the community to overcome short-comings and lead a positive and a healthy life.

Myself : Mrs Shraddha Rege (MHSc).

I have done my Masters in Food Science and Nutrition from SNDT, Mumbai.

Some of projects done by me are:

  • A Research survey of the enteral access preferences and problems associated with naso gastric tube feedings in Cancer patients.
  • Liver and gastrointestinal disorders in relation with aging.
  • Overweight in relation to Cardiovascular disorder and Hypertension.
  • Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating – key too wellness.
  • Development of a field tested educational module for HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Development of a low sodium ready to eat dosa mix for hypertensive patients

I have a overall 14 years experience in the field of health and nutrition. In these 14 years I was very fortunate to work on various fields within food & nutrition like

  • Creating nutrition programs,
  • Setting up Gyms,
  • Panelist on TV for Marathi news channel Star Majha to give expert advice on food habits for their program “Raha Fit”

I am listing down some of best career experiences

I was very fortunate to work with Dr. Vinod Dhurandhar one of the renowned Bariatric physician in Mumbai. As a core member I was very fortunate to consult and counsel some of his renowned clientele from the Bollywood film industry.

The experience that I gained during 5 years (2002-2006) working with Dr Vinod Dhurandhar was immense, the challenging aspect was that we had to run diet regimes that were time bound. I have learnt a lot from Dr. Vinod Dhurandhar.

The next opportunity I got was good one, to work with one of renowned Gym brands of India, “Talwalkars” I learnt the commercials of Gym industry here. I learnt about different Gym equipments. I was instrumental in setting up some of “Talwalkars” world-class facilities in Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai. Plan what instruments one should buy and in what quantity. I created value based training programs on nutrition for their members. I was very fortunate to work very closely with their founders and learnt a lot from them on the Gym industry and their motive behind setting up a world-class Gym chains in India. My stint with Talkwalkars was from (2007 to 2009).

I am taking this opportunity to thank  role models of my life, my father Dr Anant Gaitonde (MD) & my mother Mrs Mangal Gaitonde (M.A, MEd.) retired as a Educationist, who nurtured, supported me and imbibed all the right values to take the challenges in my life.


Shraddha A. Rege MHSc (Food Science & Nutrition)

Email :- nutritionpotli@gmail.com