10 Diet Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon

10 Diet Tips to stay Healthy in MonsoonThe monsoon is heartily welcomed by everyone, as the season brings relief from hot summer months. Monsoon is the time for germs and bacteria to thrive in unhygienic conditions. The rainy season also brings various ailments like diarrhoea, food poisoning, dysentery and cholera. During the rainy season, there is a high amount of humidity in the atmosphere due to which our digestive system gets sluggish. The weakening of the digestive system, can lead to gas formation and indigestion. Thus, eating the right kind of food and taking care of your overall health becomes extremely important to prevent yourself from falling ill.

Below mentioned are 10 useful tips so you can enjoy the monsoon without worrying about diseases:

1. Drink only boiled and filtered water, and make sure that it is consumed within 24 hours of boiling.food to be taken in rainy season

2. Drink warm beverages; add mint or ginger or dry ginger powder to tea.what to eat in rainy season

3. Eat in moderation as the body finds it harder to digest food during the monsoon.

4. Stick to freshly cooked food, but if you prefer store bought food, heat it before eating.

5. Non-vegetarians should go in for lighter meat preparations like stews and soups rather than heavy curries.stay healthy in monsoon

6. Choice of dal should be moong dal  for this season as it is easy to digest.

7. Always wash all your vegetables with warm water or with salt water to get rid of the accumulated dirt. Blanching vegetables disinfects them and also helps the veggies from losing its colour, texture and flavour.monsoon health tips

8. Regular exercise must be incorporated in your day-to-day routine to stay fit and healthy. “Since you cannot venture out during the rains for your morning walk, it is advisable to exercise at home.10 Diet Tips to stay Healthy in Monsoon

9. Try to avoid eating from outside as much as possible. Street foods like pani puri, bhel puri, sandwiches and pakoras may seem very tempting during this season but they contain bacteria that may cause indigestion.

10. Use garlic, pepper, ginger, asafoetida, dry ginger, turmeric, coriander and cumin seeds as it enhance your body’s digestive power and improve immunity.10 Diet Tips to stay Healthy in Monsoon

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