6 Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas

It’s June and all Schools have started……
6 Healthy School Lunch Box IdeasMother’s are constantly  busy planning and working on making their kids lunch boxes healthy and  nutritious . It’s a challenge for every mother to plan and think about healthy lunch box ideas for school going kids.
Planning weekly menu, shopping ingredients for weekly menu is an everyday task and as mother’s we can’t ignore this task. All kids need the right food and nutrition to keep them physically and mentally energized through the day in school.

In this article, Nutritionpotli shares information on:
1. How to plan healthy Lunch Box.
2. How to bring variety in kid’s tiffin’s by understanding child’s likes and dislikes.
Below are six ideas which will help you in packing a good wholesome nutritious snack and lunch box:

 Idea No. 1 : Understanding your child’s diet

Have a fair idea what food your child likes and dislikes. Always remember as they grow and eat with peers, their tastes will change and new tastes will evolve.
Packing foods that the child eats regularly at home and in addition add a small variety of new food stuff every week which he/she has never tried before. Lunch boxes are a great way to sneak in new foods.

6 Healthy School Lunch Box IdeasIdea No. 2 : Pack a variety small portions

Knowing how much to pack into a lunch box is something one needs to understand. Remember the kids when in school and eating along with peers are in a hurry to finish their food and run out to get some free time to play. Children prefer foods in small portions and variety. For eg. a paratha or a vegetable or paneer wrap can be cut into two pieces .Having the right set of lunch boxes with two to three partitions is crucial, which will enable you to pack variety in a single box.

6 Healthy School Lunch Box IdeasIdea No. 3 : Menu planning for a week

Write down your menu for the week, for both the snack box (for short break) and lunch box (for long break), shop the ingredients accordingly and you will realise how easy your life would become with this weekly planed menu.

Idea No. 4 : Plan a template for what needs to be packed into a lunchbox

Whole Grains & Carbohydrate for Energy
Carbohydrates are very important for children as they give them the energy that is required to put the mind and body to good use in school. Make sure the grains used are whole grains like wheat, rice, oat and millets that give the right nutrition and energy. Carbohydrates could be in the form upma, poha,sandwiches, wraps, rotis, parathas etc.

Fruit for Fibre & Vitamins
Adding fresh fruit into your kid’s lunch box helps them get that instant dose of energy and vitamins at the same time. Energy and vitamins from fruits are extremely important for growing children to help them perform and think better in their school

Proteins are important for building the brain and muscle for a growing child. Proteins not only provide nutrition, but also keep them full and help kids to concentrate better in classes. Adding small portions of sprouts (usal or vegetable form), dal khichadi, moog dal halwa,dal paratha, rajma chawal , soya chunks pulav etc.

For vegetables always think of small portions as addition of small portions in various foods, not only makes it fun but also develops a good eating habit in kids. Vegetables can be stuffed in parathas or a mix vegetable cutlet or vegetable pulav or vegetable can be incorporated in their favourite whole wheat noodles or pastas.

Water is very essential for the children to stay hydrated. Artificial packed juices that are processed and high in sugars. They simply are an overdose of energy and not at all healthy. Instead, encourage children to drink more water. In summers pack two water bottles instead of one to replenish water lost.

6 Healthy School Lunch Box IdeasIdea No. 5 : Plan & Prepare the previous night

Planning and preparing the ingredients partially or fully cooking foods the previous night will save you a lot of stress on the day of school. Preparations like have some cooked rice ready, rajma that is cooked, roti dough made and refrigerated, vegetables cut, stuffing for parathas can be kept ready etc. Dry fruits and water bottled packed.

6 Healthy School Lunch Box IdeasIdea No. 6 : Make use of creativity

Kid’s love shape and colour. For eg. Make mini parathas, use cookie cutters for cutlet shapes, sandwiches can be also cut in small square shape etc.

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  1. Thank you shradha for sharing your wonderful ideas. It will surely be a great help for all the mommies.

  2. After reading this article,it will be a great help for me to plan out my Kid’s lunch box. Very well written.

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