7 Healthy Habits for increasing Productivity at Work

Staying energetic at work can be a real drag. Only a few hours into your Monday and your eyes are blurry, your back is sore, and you are longing for the weekend once again.

Simple changes in dietary habits can improve your productivity at work.

Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

Start your day with eating breakfast everyday

The first way to keep your energy up at work is to make sure you eat breakfast. Even if you are not hungry in the morning, eating breakfast ensures your body moves out of its sleep state into its wakeful daytime state. A glass of juice, protein shake, or piece of fruit or cornflakes, wheat flakes or oats are a great option for breakfast in the morning to boost your productivity.Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

Eat small, frequent meals

Long gap in between meals dips down your blood sugar levels. Having low energy at inopportune times will cause a serious dip in your productivity. When you finally eat, you are more likely to overeat, causing your blood sugar levels to go higher than normal. This yo-yo cycle in your blood sugar makes your energy levels unpredictable. Eating small, frequent meals is a good way in avoiding your energy levels to fluctuate less dramatically and helps in staying energetic and productive.

Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

Consume good Quality Protein

Soya bean is high in protein, B-vitamins, copper, and phosphorous. Copper and phosphorous are involved in converting food into energy and releasing it into cells so it’s available for use by the body.
Egg is complete protein, (protein containing all the essential amino acids), B-vitamins, healthy fats, and some vitamin D. They also provide choline, the precursor for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which activates skeletal muscle.Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

Hydrate yourself

Drinking enough water helps your body to stay healthy; being hydrated aids the transport of energy-providing nutrients throughout the body. Not only that, as you grow dehydrated your blood thickens, which forces your heart to pump with difficulty, which makes you feel drained more quickly.Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

Be careful with caffeine

When you start to feeling low with your productivity at work slide, it’s all too easy to reach for an espresso coffee. Even though it seems counter intuitive, consuming sizeable amounts ( about six to eight cups of coffee).
can actually make your productivity at work suffer.As overdose of caffeine can case side effects like heart burn,increased heart beat, anxiety,dehydration,restlessness and gastrointestinal disturbances etc. To stay productive all day, it’s better to consume Green tea  which is used to improve mental alertness and thinking.
Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

Eat whole grains

When you eat carbohydrates that your stomach breaks down quickly, your blood sugar levels will spike, which is always followed by a bottoming out of your energy levels. Multi grain and whole grain carbohydrates take longer for your body to digest, which means the energy you gain from them is spread out over a particularly lengthy amount of time. This steady gain in energy will help you stay productive at work for greater periods of time.Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

Nurture your body with 8 hours of sleep

If you give your body regular sleep during the night, you won’t feel tired or restless at your desk. Sleep replenishes your energy level so you are able to focus yourself on your tasks and feel interested in your work. However, lack of optimum sleeping time, will develop vulnerable health problems, irritation, stress, moodiness, impatience.Healthy Habits to increase productivity at work

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