5 Super foods to boost your immune system (Part-1)

Our immune system is a complex interaction between organs, glands, body systems, cells and chemicals in the body. This symphonic concert of processes requires proper nourishment in order to function optimally. In today’s world, apart from practicing good hygiene we require the best possible immunity from the multitude of disease causing micro-organisms.

Let have a look at some common foods that have immune-boosting properties:


Garlic:Garlic - 5 super food to boost your immune system

Garlic is found in almost every cuisine around the world. It adds a little zing to food and it’s a must-have for your health. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It supports the production of white blood cells. Garlic contains Allicin that fights off infection and bacteria. Hence include garlic in your everyday diet to have a strong immune system.

Ginger:Ginger : super food to boost your immune system

Ginger increases immunity and stimulates the digestive, respiratory and nervous system. It helps revitalise sluggish circulation and removes dullness and inertia. It can be used both externally and internally or applied on the forehead as a paste for cold-related headaches and on the chest for relief from colds and coughs.

Turmeric: Turmeric : Super food to boost your immune system

A key ingredient in many curries, this bright-yellow, bitter spice has been used for years as an anti-inflammatory in treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A recent study published demonstrates that high concentrations of Curcumin, which gives turmeric its distinct colour, have been shown to help reduce inflammation and fever. A new research on Alzheimer’s suggests that turmeric may preserve memory by boosting immunity. It is also recommended for treatment of indigestion, poor circulation, cough, chest congestion, skin disorders, diabetes, and anaemia and for healing of wounds and bruises.

Yoghurt: yoghurt : 5 super food to boost your immune system

Yoghurt contains probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that are great for the digestive system. Yoghurt protects the gut and intestinal tract from disease causing germs. Hence include yoghurt in your daily diet to keep your body free from diseases.

Castor oil:castor-oil : Super food to boost your immune system

Studies indicate that when castor oil is absorbed by the skin it leads to extraordinary improvement in all body activities thus boosting the immune system functioning. It is also has anti-inflammatory properties, helps treat eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin and burns. It moisturises skin and assists pain relief. It also acts as an anti-bacterial agent and aids conditions such as sciatica, rheumatism and shingles [herpes zoster].

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  1. Part1 and part2 both are very useful.Thanks for sharing this info Shraddha. One small query, how to eat aloe vera .. Which form?

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